What is WeHost?

WeHost is an all-inclusive short-term rental management service operating in Helsinki, Finland. We take care of your apartment and host the guests to make your apartment to be profitable Airbnb-listing! Besides Airbnb, we reach tourists and business travelers from more than 200 sales channels and online travel agencies such as Booking.com, Expedia, TripAdvisor and Agoda.


I'm a guest, what do you offer for me?

We currently host around 90 apartments in beautiful, Helsinki neighborhoods.  You can expect clean, white sheets and of course tidy, comfortable place to stay. We have also recently expanded to Espoo and Vantaa. Explore our properties by clicking "For Guests" through our website!


I have an apartment, what do you offer for me?

Lay back! We take care of everything! Our service includes your apartments, cleaning, photographing, pricing, listing, and marketing.

We clean the apartment thoroughly and photograph it with a professional photographer. When we have created the listing to the online sales channels, the algorithm and market data-optimized dynamic pricing valuates your home attractively for each available night.

We handle check-in and check-out processes with guests and guarantee secure handling and management of your keys. Before giving the keys to the guest, we always check guest’s identity and ensure that your apartment has given for right hands. Our customer service helps guests with all matters to make their stay more convenient.

Toiletries and complementary products for the kitchen and bathroom come as part of our service. 100 % cotton bedding and high-quality towels are waiting as fresh for each stay!

We want to guarantee to make you feel secure and confident by providing a monthly full-report as part of the profit transaction.


What is your pricing model?

Our pricing model is quite simple: from the total income, we will reduce the cleaning fee and key fee. From the amount of final profit, we get 25%, and you get 75%.

The cleaning fee depends on the apartment size.

Contact us to get a tailored offer for multi-unit properties and buildings.


What should I have in my apartment for the service?

The apartment needs to have standard amenities and pleasing atmosphere to ensure an enjoyable stay. The most modern comforts for guests are the full-equipped kitchen and functional public transport to different locations. Guests are looking for experiences - let's make sure together that we will provide the good ones!

We can provide you a full list of most needed amenities. You do not need to worry if your apartment does not fill all the facilities on the list – We can help you to get everything! 


What should the multi-unit property or building have for the service?

We understand that launching multiple properties at once needs more time to get everything running smoothly. Our goal is to generate a sustainable return to your holdings.

Our service includes furnishing the property, taking care of the operations, and ensuring the property's mandatory requirements.

Contact us to get a free consultation on how our service would work for your needs!


Can I stay at my apartment during the service?

Of course! When signing to our service, you will have access to a platform which lets you check booked dates and a possibility to book it for yourself. Some of our owners prefer staying in a hotel to provide all potential nights available for travelers to maximize income!


What if something gets broken during the stay? 

We follow the principle: our apartment should not give owners any harm or take their time. We will take care of the reimbursement process and make our best to maximal effort to get things back to normal again if something brokes. However, we want to ensure our customer best possible security, and that's why each of our homes needs to have full home insurance before the first guests.  


Who are the guests?

The guests come from all over the world. We accommodate singles, couples, friends, and families. When checking in, we always check the guests' official identification document.


What if I need assistance during my stay?

Our customer service will help you:

Monday to Friday 9am-8pm
Saturday 10:30am-6:30pm
Sunday 1pm-6pm


What is the best way to get in contact with us? 

Customer Service

+358 50 477 3200